How to Choose an Organization to Support - Part 1

So, you want to give back to a conservation group...

That's great!

The question is, how do you choose a conservation group to support?

It is a question that we receive daily from people from all walks of life.  To help answer this question, we are starting a multi-part series with the assistance of 2% Business, Individual and Committee Members - as well as our staff and board.

For the first installment our Executive Director, Jared Frasier, recently hopped on the phone with Chris Sheets of the Right to Roam Podcast to discuss this very topic.  Right to Roam is not only a 2% Business Member but is made up of wildlife biologists, including 2% Wyoming Committee Member, Adam Teten.

As biologists in the field, the guys at "R2R" regularly work with conservation organizations on real-world projects and they get to see how well funds for conservation are actually spent... or how poorly.

In this episode of Right to Roam, Jared and Chris discuss some key considerations for choosing an organization to give to:

  • Your interests and finding causes that work in those areas.
  • How to find out what an organization does with donations.
  • Red flags to be aware of, and actions to be considered 'deal-breakers' for support of an organization.
  • Misconceptions about non-profit financial needs, operational costs and general funding use.

You can listen to the episode here by clicking that play button below, or, you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and your other favorite service by visiting Right to Roam's website.