The 2% Blog has Arrived!

This is A Place to Help You Give Back

As we have grown as an organization, one of the greatest privileges has been the opportunity to help and observe people giving back to conservation.  People like you!  People from every walk of life, from different outdoor recreation groups, and just about every vocation imaginable.  It thrills us... Every. Day.


Along the way, we have consistently received two things:

  1. Requests for more info on how to give back time and dollars effectively, creatively, and in a fun and meaningful way.
  2. Incredible real-life examples as answers to those questions.

So far, we have handled this one-to-one: phone calls, emails and direct messages. 

While rewarding, assisting all requests from businesses and individuals in this way is incredibly time-consuming.  And, over time, we've identified key principles and tactics that we believe should be more widely distributed.

In the spirit of pursuing our mission, we're creating a space for these conservations to take place, at scale.

2% for Conservation will now be curating periodical content, here on the 2% site, to help businesses and individuals in their giving back.

We're going to do this in a few strategic ways:

  • Educational articles to help individuals engage in conservation efforts, highlighting wide-ranging content from those leading in the conservation volunteer space.  You will hear from 2% Businesses, 2% Board Members, 2% Committee Members, our staff and other conservation groups as we share essential tips and tricks for getting work done and funds raised for conservation as an individual volunteer.
  • Professional tips for businesses to make giving back a holistic part of your company culture.  These will be shared by 2% Businesses that have implemented strategies around this into their companies.  We'll also share tips from the 2% Board, Staff and Committees to help your business thrive as you give back to conservation.
  • Updates on the hard work done by 2% Committee Members in their respective regions, with their orgs, and their fields of work as conservation leaders.  Our Committee Program members work with over 50 conservation groups across the US and Canada and updates on their work will be a very encouraging addition to your inbox and online content intake.  Quick, wholesome, and encouraging. < On that note, you'll need to make sure you are either a 2% Member, follow us on social media, or are subscribed to our email updates (that pop-up that came up when you came here) to receive updates on these posts.
  • Similarly, we'll be sharing updates on support and work from 2% Businesses and Individual Members.  This includes special projects tackled and inspiring stories of 2% Members going above and beyond in their support for conservation.   We want to share what inspires us with you, and there will be an opportunity for anyone giving back to be highlighted here!

We want this space, and it's place in your email inbox and social feeds, to be beneficial and uplifting for you.

To that end, there will never be commercialized content here.  No sponsored posts by businesses or other groups. 


Next week, we'll be sharing content on how to find causes to give back to and what to look for when selecting a cause to give your money to.  We hope you enjoy it!

On a more personal note, we'd like to thank four Business Members and two other orgs that have been with us since day one:  Sitka Gear, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Wild Sheep Foundation, Stone Glacier, First Lite, and MTN OPS.

We would not be able to do what we do for conservation volunteerism or fundraising without the support of these businesses and orgs.  Our Founding Partners (Sitka, RMEF and WSF) paid the bills for 2% until we were large enough to handle operations on our own.  Without their support, 2% and all the positive effects our work has brought to the wildlife conservation world would not exist. 

Thank you!