The Linguists Soundtrack - Vinyl Record

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"The Linguists" Soundtrack

The original score to the documentary film “The Linguists” evokes the onset of autumn across the West, from changing aspen leaves to the shrill bugles of bull elk and the grit and passion of hunters who obsessively follow the calls into high country.


The work of artist Drew Barefoot brings banjo, brass, tremolo guitar, violin and piano together to color a sonic landscape rich with emotion, dramatic builds, and natural, unforced crescendos. The music is sparse when it needs to be and steeped in vibrancy throughout, ultimately sounding resolute, wild and free.

All proceeds go to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Forward from Drew Barefoot Musical Artist / Sound Engineer:

Being new to the elk calling world, I quickly realized these guys are not typical hunters. They are walking miles and miles in search of an elk’s bugle, literally stalking them through the wilderness, searching for that bull that's willing to pick a fight with them. All with only a bow and bugle in hand. That is badass.

Wayne, Rocky, Larry, and Will. These guys are legends and my goal was to create a piece that honored them and felt familiar even to a younger audience. Like the feeling of an old western, but also the beauty of the mountains and streams. We knew the film was going to have elk calling throughout the entire film, so the music couldn’t take away from the raw sounds of the animals, it had to keep the audience there in that moment with them. It had to honor the elk sounds and the hunters who called after them.

My starting point was the deep tremolo guitar riffs. I wanted the ending to be packed full of emotion. I really love the piano crescendo at the end because it reminds of the falling leaves at the end of September in Idaho. Everything had to be recorded, no loops or fake digital shit. I called a few friends to play trombone and violin to give the album the final touches, and that hint of an orchestral sound. In the end, I am truly proud of my score for this film. I put my heart fully into this one, and I hope people are moved to pick up a bow and a bugle and get out into the wild.

The art of calling has inspired me, and I hope this music does the same for others.

We look forward to seeing this score give back to a foundation that seeks to enhance the future of elk habitat and the opportunities to hunt these amazing animals.