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Business Member Since:  2019

Located: Denver, CO

Industry: Outdoor Gear Retailer

Website: https://1shotgear.com/


Bio: "Here at 1 Shot Gear our small team spends a big part of our lives interacting with nature.  Having learned how to not only survive but thrive off of mother nature from our parents is what laid the foundation for who we are and what we have become.  Being able to talk with and outfit hunters and backcountry campers all over the world with the best gear on the market is something that we are proud to do every day.

These wild public lands are home to some of our happiest memories and biggest triumphs, but these beautiful places are slowly succumbing to the growing needs of the modern world.  What was an endless sea of wild places as a kid is slowly turning into a checkered board of the new world. 

We believe that our public land is sacred and should be treated as such so our kids can learn in the same classroom that we were lucky enough to experience.  The need to conserve these wild places are our duty as outdoorsmen and we are proud to help support those conservation efforts so that our children’s children have the opportunity to build the same foundation for their lives as we did." - Alex Bourlakov

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Conservation Groups Supported:

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  • Wild Sheep Foundation

  • Ducks Unlimited

  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society

  • Safari Club International Foundation


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