2019 Summer Internship

Summer Intership

Is supporting fish and wildlife conservation a deep passion of yours?

Are you looking for a way to start moving your career path towards working with conservation groups and conservation-minded businesses?

Will you be living and working in or near Bozeman, MT this summer?

If you answered "YES" to these three questions, you should apply for the 2% for Conservation Summer Internship program!

2% Summer Internship Details

Time Expectations:

  • Part-time, 10-20hrs a week, during normal business hours
    • Exceptions:
      • Required On-Site: Bozeman Conservation Convention, June 21-23
      • Required On-Site: Big Sky Total Archery Challenge, July 19-21
      • Optional: BHA Rendezvous, May 2-4
      • Optional: RMEF Elk Camp & Mountain Festival, July 11-14
      • Required: All-expenses-paid volunteer trail maintenance trip with an org of your choosing

Life/Skill Expectations:

  • Must have your own housing lined up somewhere between Three Forks, MT and Livingston, MT.
    • If you do not have housing lined up already, we can help you find roommates!
  • Must have your own vehicle.
  • Must have basic online office suite knowledge (Microsoft, Apple or Google apps will suffice.
    • We will help train around more advanced uses where necessary.
  • Must have your own phone and laptop/tablet to work from.
  • Must be "a people person" - there will be little benefit for you from this internship without that.
  • Must have a genuinely positive demeanor.
  • Must provide 3 character references that show you exemplify a "true conservationist". Meaning, you live out the 2% Standard of your own volition.

Role Expectations:

  • Assist in basic administrative tasks: mailing, scheduling, social media monitoring, call scheduling, etc.  It's not just 'busy work' - these are vital office admin tasks we could really use help with as we grow.
  • Assist in event management: help run the 2% booth, organize volunteers, support conservation orgs at their events, etc.  When we attend other organizations' events, we aim to be assets to them and to add value.  This part will be a great and diverse education for anyone hoping to be a useful member of an org or business that supports conservation orgs.
  • Assist in running the Bozeman Conservation Convention: To our knowledge, this will be the first event of its kind to bring so many diverse conservation orgs and conservation-minded businesses together.  It will be a lot of work, but will also be a great opportunity to shop employment leads with people doing work you are passionate about.  More details at time of interview.
  • Assist the 2% E.D. at speaking engagements.  More info at time of interview.
  • Learn:  This internship is launching with two goals in mind.
    1. Help us manage a quickly growing need for staff.
    2. Provide you with the skills, knowledge and connections you need to make a career in supporting conservation - either with an org or business.
    • This may sound cliche, but you will get out of this internship what you put in.

What you can expect from 2%:

  • We will enable you to do anything we ask you to do.
  • We will always provide clear expectations and descriptions for any task.
  • We will respect your need to earn money with a local job - this is not a paid position.
    • That said, we will compensate you with credit towards gear/products of your choosing from 2% brands upon completing each month of the Internship at a value rate of $500/mo.  That's a total value of $2000.  By the end of the summer, you should be decked out, head-to-toe. Or, you'll have a helluva bar tab available at one of the 2% certified breweries. :)
  • We will respect your need for time in the amazing outdoors around our offices.  Unless otherwise expressed, we will not bother you outside your hours of availability.
  • We will compensate you monthly for travel expenses to/from the 2% offices in Manhattan, MT and local meetings/events.
  • We will cover all your travel, food and lodging expenses to 2% events or 2% supported events.
  • We will send you on an organization's volunteer trip up to 5 days long anywhere within Montana, Idaho or Wyoming, up to $500.
  • We will give you as much direct experience working with conservation groups and businesses within the outdoor industry as you can handle.  These connections may be the most valuable thing for someone interested in a career working in supporting conservation.
  • We will give you one helluva industry reference for any conservation org or business you apply for.
    • For the right person, this internship may transition into a part-time paid position this fall, moving to a full-time paid position in fall 2020.

Still interested?  Apply today!

We will accept applications until April 6th.

Applicants will be reviewed and interviewed by our Executive Director and members of the 2% Board of Directors and 2% Regional Committee Leaders.

The Internship Awardee will be selected and all applicants will know their status by April 15th.

Feel free to contact us for more details!