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Business Member Since:  2018

Located: Bozeman, MT

Industry: Outdoor Photography




Calvin Connor Imaging is committed to providing creative outdoor brands, and individuals alike with high-quality photo, video, and marketing solutions specifically tailored to their wants and needs. No job is too big, small, or too far from home. My years of experience in the outdoors and bachelor’s degree in media arts along with an adequate amount of camera experience in the field makes me confident in my ability to take on any job. I’m young, eager, qualified, and here to help you and your brand succeed. Let’s create.

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Conservation Statement:

From a very young age fishing, hunting, and the outdoors have played a key role in my life, and have largely shaped who I am today. Not only that, but it has also created the opportunity for me to do what I do for a living. I believe that the conservation of fish, wildlife, and their habitat is something of incredible importance, and is something that must be backed at every opportunity. I’m happy to pledge a minimum of 1% of Calvin Connor Imaging, LLC’s time and money every year to be a 2% For Conservation member, and look forward to doing my part to protect fish, wildlife, their habitat, and the great outdoors for generations to come. 


Conservation Groups Supported:

  • Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
  • Wild Sheep Foundation


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