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Our "Conservation Artist Project" gives you the opportunity to connect with talented conservation-minded artists and a cause that they are passionate about.

• Every quarter of 2019, we are featuring a different Conservation Artist.
• The artists each create artwork featuring two species that share an ecosystem and a cause in that ecosystem.

You can support these causes when you purchase exclusive limited edition hats, shirts, stickers, and fine art prints in our store with each piece. 

All proceeds from the sales of these products go to the causes selected by the artists.


Kelsey Johnson
January - March 2019
Artist: Kelsey Johnson
Benefitting Project: Bristol Bay Initiative - Backcountry Hunters & Anglers


Artist Bio:  Kelsey Johnson is an artist, professional agriculturalist, and avid outdoorswoman. She favors backcountry hikes with her camera in tow; along with hunting, camping, and traveling. As an artist, her preferred medium is colored pencil or graphite. While best known for gun-dog portraits, her style is originally influenced by wildlife and Western landscapes. She is also, as of March 2019, the first artist to have their business become 2% Certified for giving back!

Bristol Bear by Kelsey Johnson for 2% For Conservation
Artwork - "Bristol Bear":  Kelsey's piece, “Bristol Bear”, depicts the interaction of Brown Bear and Sockeye Salmon in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. Kelsey is proud to highlight Backcountry Hunters and Angler's efforts to protect Bristol Bay from threatened destruction by the imposed Pebble Mine. Learn more about the project here:  Save Bristol Bay


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Abbie Cleek
April - June 2019
Artist: Abbie Cleek
Benefitting Project: Field Projects - Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

Artist Bio:  Abbie Cleek is a self-taught artist raised in Anchorage, AK.  Brought up in the mountains with a family of hunters, she gained knowledge and appreciation for wildlife, hunting and the outdoors at a young age.  It wasn't until later in life that she found that it was her roots that led her to be inspired to draw some of Alaska's most beautiful creatures.  Abbie is mostly recognized for her use of detail in her drawing and preference for high contrast pieces, often by using black and white.

Abbie Cleek's "Chugach Monarchs"

Artwork - "Chugach Monarchs": For her project, Abbie Cleek selected two species that, just like her, are Alaska Natives and share the same ecosystem - a Dall Sheep and a Mountain Goat.  Lately, Dall Sheep in particular have had a difficult go in regions like the Chugach Range, so Abbie chose the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation as the benefiting organization.  You can learn more about their work here:  Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation



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Lyle Hebel
July - September 2019
Artist: Lyle Hebel
Benefitting Project: Wyoming Migration Efforts - Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Artist Bio:  Lyle was born in Bozeman, MT but grew up on a cattle ranch northeast of Sheridan, WY.  From an early age, Lyle demonstrated exceptional artistic ability winning many awards and accolades. It was this creative talent that took him to Montana State University where he received a BFA in Graphic Design.

Upon graduation, Lyle spent 15 years working for Massive Studios and directed creative marketing campaigns for brands like SITKA Gear, Leica, Adventure Medical Kits, Dogtra, Barnard Construction, Black Gold Bowsights and the Wild Sheep Foundation. Lyle has also lent his expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Montana State University, instructing courses in Advanced Web Development.

When not busy leading the marketing initiatives at 2% Certified Business Stone Glacier, Lyle is happily occupied with his beautiful family, scouting for big game animals, raising chickens, or lending his time to local conservation organizations.  Lyle also serves on 2% for Conservation's Board of Directors.

Artwork:  Prairie Home Companions

For Lyle's artwork, he chose two iconic species of the American Prairie: the pronghorn and sage grouse. In recent decades, both pronghorn and sage grouse populations have suffered dramatic habitat loss and the fragmentation of their home ranges and migratory corridors.  The Wyoming Wildlife Federation has long championed conservation efforts for species and their habitat and migratory needs. You can learn more about their work with migratory corridors here:  Wyoming Wildlife Federation


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