Conservation Media Award

The world needs media focused on wildlife conservation!

In 2018, we launched our "Conservation Media Award."

Quality media can embolden individuals, communities and industries to positive action.  Positive action is something wildlife desperately need from everyone - not just hunters, anglers and adventurists.  As an organization that encourages everyone to give back their time and money to wildlife conservation, we are perfectly positioned to help catalyze this change in media!

2% Conservation Media Award

This award annually acknowledges media projects that go above and beyond in advocating fish and wildlife conservation.

Photo: Tyson Woods


Past Winners

In our first year, 2018, the winner of the '2% Conservation Media Award' was Jason Matzinger, for his project for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, entitled, '#PROJECTELK'.

2018 Award winner, Jason Matzinger
Jason Matzinger (left) receiving the 2018 '2% Conservation Media Award' from 2% for Conservation Executive Director, Jared Frasier (right)


In 2019, the first year to have voting by 2% Regional Committee Members, 'Stars in the Sky' by Steven Rinella took home the award.

2019 Conservation Media Award Presentation

 At the 2019 Bozeman Conservation Convention, Ryan Callaghan (left) received the award (Steven was unable to attend) from UT Committee Members, Jason and Kate West (right).

Photo: Tyson Woods


The Award

The award itself was built in Bozeman, MT by a Marcus Engler, a blacksmith who spent most of his life in wildlife management.

Each element was hand-forged in iron by Engler, save the wooden portion, which came from an >100yr old abandoned hunting cabin in the Gallatin Mountain Range in Southwest Montana.


Details for the 2020 Award

You may scroll down to the bottom of the page for the entry form, but please, first review our entry criteria, below.

Entries will be reviewed and voted on by members of the 2% for Conservation Regional Committee Program.  If a Committee Member enters a submission, they are required to abstain from voting.

2020 Entry Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2020

Anyone may enter!  You don't have to be a full-time or "pro" writer, speaker, IG personality, videographer, photographer, podcaster or have your own production team.  Your follower count does not matter - how and what you share about fish and wildlife conservation does. Anyone my nominate an entry!  We know many creatives and content creators are busy 'out in the field' and we do not want that to get in the way of their conservation content being seen.  We allow entries submitted by anyone, for anyone, as long as it follows our entry criteria (below).

To ensure that this program elevates as many forms of conservation media as possible, in 2020 we have split the award into three categories:

  • Film / Photo
  • Written / Audio
  • Student

The winning entries for each category will be publicly announced in early May, 2020 and all finalist entries will be shared from the stage at 2%'s "Bozeman Conservation Convention" on May 15th, 2020. The winning film entry will be shown during the evening concert!

Key considerations for each entry - what they will be judged on:

  • Does this entry elevate fish and wildlife conservation?
    • Hunting, angling and adventure content in entries are not only allowed, but encouraged, but those activities should take a back-seat to conservation in the content of the entry.
  • Does this entry address a pressing conservation issue?
    • The content should focus on a present conservation cause or challenge that the public needs to know about.
    • Entries extolling the virtues of hunting and angling as a conservation tool are appreciated, but that should be a background message of the entry - after the conservation content.
    • Entries published prior to 2019 will not be considered.
  • Is this entry easy to understand or at least well explained for everyone... not just hunters and anglers?
    • The main conservation message should be understandable to all who view.
  • Is this entry predominantly about conservation or selling products/services?
    • This should go without saying, but every year we still receive entries promoting a product/service/experience.  Those entries will not be shared in any of our marketing.
  • NEW for 2020:  Is this entry FREE or easily/cheaply accessible for the general public?
    • While we understand that media work is not free, entries should be easily and freely accessible to the public.
      • Any video / podcast / audio entries that require a paid subscription to a viewing service (or an outright purchase of the film to view it) will receive a minor deduction from the judges.
      • Written entries in books, subscription magazines, and newspapers will not receive the same deduction as they are more often readily available to the public in libraries and other free means after print.
  • NEW for 2020:  Categories.
    • Video entries may be single episodes, a series of common-topic episodes, or singular films.
      • Channels / Series may not be entered.
    • Written and Audio were paired together because of their common spoken-word / long form nature.
      • Podcast entries may be of a singular episode, or an entire channel, if that channel is primarily dedicated to wildlife conservation with that being the overwhelming majority of the channel's content.
    • Student entries must be made by either a present K-College student or someone who was a student during 2019-2020 school years.
      • Student entries may be in any form of media.
    • All three category winners will have their names put on the trophy!

The 2% Conservation Media Award is proudly sponsored by 2% Founding Partner and the the first 2% Certified Business, Sitka Gear.

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