Conservation Media Award

For the sake of future generations, outdoor media needs to re-focus on fish and wildlife conservation.

Our mission is to ensure the future of hunting and fishing by creating an alliance of businesses and individuals committed to donating 1% of their time and 1% of their money to conservation.

In order to accomplish that mission, we need to influence the culture around hunting and fishing.  The future of fish and wildlife conservation depends on whether the media that hunters and anglers ingest is made with conservation at the forefront.

To that end - we created the '2% Conservation Media Award'.

This award annually acknowledges a media project that goes above and beyond in advocating fish and wildlife conservation.  2018 was our first year, and we accepted entries from all over the world.  Entries included books, articles, videos, podcasts and television shows.  All entries were judged by the 2% for Conservation Board of Directors.

The winner of the 2018 '2% Conservation Media Award' was Jason Matzinger, for his project for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, entitled, '#PROJECTELK'.

2018 Award winner, Jason Matzinger
Jason Matzinger (left) receiving the 2018 '2% Conservation Media Award' from 2% for Conservation Executive Director, Jared Frasier (right)


Matzinger's '#PROJECTELK' typified the outdoor media that is necessary to ensure a positive future for fish and wildlife.

You can view the trailer here, and the full film is available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play:

The award itself was built in Bozeman, MT by a Marcus Engler, a blacksmith who spent most of his life in wildlife management.

Each element was hand-forged in iron by Engler, save the wooden portion, which came from an >100yr old abandoned hunting cabin in the Gallatin Mountain Range in Southwest Montana.



Submit an Entry for 2019

Entries will be reviewed and voted on by members of the 2% for Conservation Board of Directors and Committee Program Leaders.

2019 Entry Submission Deadline: May 1st, 2019

Anyone may enter!  You don't have to be a full-time or "pro" writer, speaker, IG personality, videographer, photographer, podcaster or have your own production team.  Your follower count does not matter - how and what you share about fish and wildlife conservation does.

The winning selection will be publicly announced in early June, 2019 and the award will be presented live during the Conservation Film Festival at 2%'s "Bozeman Conservation Convention" on June 21st, 2019. All travel and lodging expenses will be covered for the winner.

Key considerations for each entry - what they will be judged on:

  • Does this entry elevate fish and wildlife conservation?
  • Does this entry address a pressing conservation issue?
  • Is this entry easy to understand or at least well explained for everyone... not just hunters and anglers?
  • Is this entry predominantly about conservation or selling products/services?