Damaged Timber

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Business Member Since:  2019

Located: Parkland County, Alberta, Canada

Industry:  Outdoor Style and Apparel

Website: https://www.damagedtimber.com/


Bio:  Damaged Timber was born out of the desire to have a brand that not only represents our views of conservation but also gives back to those ideals. We recognize the right to develop and use the natural resources of our lands, but we don't recognize the right to waste them or to rob our future generations of them (not so subtly taken for Theodore Roosevelt). 

Our idea is to invest in the future, give back to generations after us. That is why 10% of our profits are directed towards our Environmental Stewardship Scholarship, where anybody in a post-secondary program related to environmental resources can apply. This lays the groundwork for not just "taking part" in conservation programs but for creating the minds needed for a sustainable based approach to land management. 
If we can create quality apparel that not only people like, but also makes people think about their role in our natural world, we have done our job.


Conservation Groups Committed to Support:

  • Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Alberta Chapter
  • DMGD TMBR Scholarship



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