Fermentana LogoBusiness Member Since:  2019

Located: Bozeman, MT

Industry:  Events Planning/Promotions, Marketing, Craft Beer

Website: https://www.fermentana.com/


Bio:  Fermentana is an events promotions company focused on using fermented craft beverages to create positive change in our communities. Featuring Montana-made beer, cider, kombucha, spirits, and more, our events not only entertain but raise awareness and funds for important social and conservation causes across the Big Sky State. We also work with local breweries, businesses, and nonprofits to plan, organize, and execute special events for their audiences.

Like creating a successful event, we know keeping our environment, as well as the fish and wildlife that call it home, healthy and prosperous also requires careful planning, research, active participation, and respect. Because of this, we’ve instilled a culture of giving back to conservation efforts and other important social causes into our business ethos from the start. Whether it’s volunteering our time for local conservation groups we care about or fundraising for important issues through the events we organize, we strive to do our best to leave the natural world and the things we love within it a better place in all we do.


Conservation Groups Supported:

  • Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  • Gallatin Valley Land Trust
  • Montana Raptor Conservation Center


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