Flint Ridge Rifles

Flint Ridge Rifles


Business Member Since:  2019

Located:  Howell, MI

Industry: Precision Firearm Manufacturer

Website:  https://www.flintridgerifles.com


Bio: "We took a different approach when we built our business plan.  The ultimate goal was and will be to donate $500,000 to conservation organization over the next decade.  We will do this by donating 10% of our profits to conservation organizations that are helping us fight the good fight.

Flint Ridge Rifle

We are obsessed with accuracy, precision, and building heirlooms.

Flint Ridge Rifle 2

We want to instill in our customers a feeling of confidence that comes with having that rifle that hits its mark without question for this generation and the next.  After all, we build more than rifles.  We build generational acquisitions!" - Jared Walker, Founder


Conservation Groups Supported:

  • The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • The Mule Deer Foundation
  • Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  • The Wild Sheep Foundation
  • The Quality Deer Management Association
  • MI Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers


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