We offer two types of 2% Certification:
Individual and Business

2% Individual Members are private citizens of any country or creed that commit to giving 1% of their time (21hrs/yr) and 1% of their gross income to fish and wildlife conservation causes.  You can learn more about 2% Individual Certification here:  Individual Membership

2% Business Members are companies that are legally recognized by their local government as a business and who give 1% of one person's time (21hrs/yr) and at least 1% of their gross annual sales.  Many of our business members give well above 5% of their sales dollars to conservation causes annually.  You can learn more about 2% Business Certification Certification here:  Business Membership

For both types of certification, how time and dollars are donated is entirely up to the individual or business.  We do not touch or define how donations must be used - we certify that the entity has committed to donating them and that they are. You may choose any conservation cause that matters to you - giving back should be personal! 

Individual Members

People who care about fish and wildlife are engaging with conservation causes around the world.  Here is a map of our membership (let it load):

Business Members

Conservation work requires sacrifice - none of the wildlife we enjoy seeing, hunting and fishing are still around 'by accident.'  They are able to exist in a human-dominated-world because of the generous donations of time and dollars from people care, and often, businesses.  We encourage anyone who cares about conservation and where their dollars go to buy from only from 2% Certified Businesses.
Tap on any of the business logos to learn more about them, who they give back to and why:
Companies are listed in the order of their first year of certification.

Sitka Gear  First Lite   MTN OPS Profile Page  Hush  Hunterra   Pint Pass   Stone Glacier   Hunt Reminder   Seek Outside Seacat Creative  406 Brewing Company  RER Bows  Stone Point  Firstlight Printing  JDL Engineering  Dark Mountain  Sportsmen's Nation  Dark Timber Coffee Company  Timber to Table Guide Service  Urban to Country Profile  Hunt to Eat  Powderhook Profile Link   Alpen Fuel Bio Page  Calvin Connor Imaging Bio Page  Worn & Weathered Bio  Dave Brinker Bio    Cedar Rock Solutions Bio Logo   Fermentana Bio Logo  Outside Analytics   Early Riser Coffee Bio Page  Right to Roam Bio Page   KRae Artwork and Imagery   Skull Brew Coffee   Refraction Guide Service   Sawback Technologies Bio Page   Erin Wheat Logo   TMGD TMBR   Big Game Waterfowl Bio Page

Businesses that support fish and wildlife conservation efforts deserve to be recognized.  It doesn't matter whether you make backpacks, apps, recurve bows, blueprints, coffee, have a podcast or whatever startup you may be brewing in your garage...  If you give back, people should know.  Not just for your sake, but for the causes that matter to you and your customers. 

Does your business care about the future of hunting and fishing?

It’s time to make the commitment to give back 1% of your time and 1% of your annual sales to fish and wildlife. It’s time to start giving a damn and for your customers to give a damn too.

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Founding Partners

2% for Conservation was founded with the generous support of Sitka Gear, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Wild Sheep Foundation.