Outside Analytics

 Outside Analytics


Business Member Since:  2019

Located: Boulder, CO

Industry:  Mapping and Outdoor Data

Website: https://outsideanalytics.com/outly/


Bio:  We're applying technology from the aerospace industry to the outdoors. Finding innovative ways to connect with and inspire new outdoorsmen and women is critical to preserving the activities and resources that we love. If people can access powerful and relevant information, then they're more likely to engage in outdoor activities and their experiences lead to an appreciation for our wild places. 

Our flagship product, Outly, is a data analytics and mapping platform that provides intuitive discovery, personalized planning, and in-the-field solutions. By forging stronger connections between people and nature we can improve health and wellness, environmental empathy, and public land conservation.

Outly Mapping Services


Conservation Groups Supported:

  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Trout Unlimited
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

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