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2% Committee Members

In early 2019, we launched the 2% Regional Committee Program.

The purpose of the program is to help bring the 2% Standard to as many communities as possible.

You can learn more about the 2% Standard and it's essential purpose in the "2% for Conservation Loop" here: The Conservation Loop

Committee members are an 'official' volunteer connection between the 2% main office and your local conservation efforts.

They keep tabs on local conservation funding and volunteer needs in their area and then report those needs back to us so that we can leverage our larger network of certified brands and individuals to help the cause. They are also able to bounce ideas for challenges and projects off of each other, which is very useful as many serve within completely different types of conservation orgs.

They lead by example, publicly, in the 2% Standard. This looks different for everyone, but they boldly give back to fish and wildlife conservation efforts as best they can. They are committed to do this publicly to help motivate others in their communities to give back as well.

Committee members also recruit new people and businesses to get certified. They know who deserves to be certified for giving back. They know conservation leaders in their areas that deserve to be elevated in the public space for their charitable bent towards conservation.

If you are looking for a conservation cause to tap into or for someone local to ask about how to get 2% Certified, our Committee Members are the best place to start.

Where 2% Committee Members are Located:

Contact a 2% Committee Member

If a Committee Member's contact info is missing/isn't working, you may get in touch with our office directly here:  Contact Us