Regional Committees

2% for Conservation is now recruiting Regional Committee Leaders!


  • Committee members are an 'official' volunteer connection between the 2% main office and your local conservation efforts.
  • Committee members keep tabs on local conservation funding and volunteer needs in their area and report those back to us so that we can leverage our larger network of certified brands and individuals to help the cause. Many local clubs and smaller chapters of national orgs often have their very vital projects fall through the cracks from lack of a larger support network. Part of our mission is fixing that as most fish and wildlife conservation losses come from a 'death by a thousand paper cuts'.
  • Committee members will lead by example, publicly, in the 2% standard. This looks different for everyone, but boldly giving back as best you can in a public way will help motivate others in your community to give back as well.
  • Committee members will also recruit new people and businesses to get certified. We have an incentive program that we are launching with this program in January 2019. As a local, you know what business is are giving back and which ones should be.

To apply for this volunteer role, please fill out the application below.  Applications close December 31, 2018 - positions will be announced January 15th, 2019.  All applications are entirely confidential and will only be reviewed by 2% for Conservation staff.