Sasquatch Fuel

 Sasquatch Fuel


Business Member Since:  2019

Located: Bozeman, MT

Industry:  Outdoor Energy and Nutrition



Bio:  Sasquatch Fuel is a family driven by conservation and setting the industry standard for sustainable adventure food solutions.  Our brand is built on the grassroots of like-minded individuals who want to be leaders in the outdoor community.  We strive to better the backcountry experience for future generations to come.

“My Dad and I started this company because we wanted to see an industry change and went all in on our passion.”  Litter in the backcountry has become a serious problem backcountry hunters, anglers, and enthusiasts encounter regularly.  Our purpose is not just to provide backcountry meals, but to take part in a solution to backcountry litter.  Conservation and public land access are the building blocks to our organization.  There would be no Sasquatch Fuel without them.  We partnered with the Arizona Trail Association on our Kickin’ Cactus Bowl – up to 20% of all cactus bowl sales will be donated to trail conservation. 

Come join the movement #TeamSasquatch

Sasquatch Fuel

Conservation Groups Committed to Support:

  • Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

  • California Deer Association

  • Arizona Trail Association

  • Gear Forward


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