Business Member Since:  2020

Located: Portland, OR

Industry: Winegrower / Vintner



Bio: "Dedication to good vineyard stewardship is not only paramount to our wine quality, but also connects our resolution to be good stewards of our earth. The vineyards we work with are farmed in the most sustainable, forward-thinking way possible for each specific site. Carrying this principle through to our business has led us to become a member of 2% for Conservation."

"Chris Lubberstedt is a winemaker with over 20 years of commercial, wine-production experience.  He has made the commitment to focus professionally on the cool-climate style of wines from the Northwest. While obtaining his degree in Zoology from Portland State University, he turned his interest in wildlife into winegrowing."


"A principle that acknowledges the core of making great wine, comes from the nurturing of great grapes from the vineyards. Connecting with 2% for Conservation as a business member, reaffirms our commitment to support wildlife management and wild space preservation."


Conservation Groups Supported:

  • Willamette Riverkeeper
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife "Adopt-A-Lek" Program
  • Oregon Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  • Ducks Unlimited


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