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What is 2% for Conservation?

2% for Conservation is a non-profit organization that certifies true conservationists. Businesses and individuals committed to giving at least 1% of their time and at least 1% of their money to conservation organizations deserve recognition.

The title 'Conservationist' should not be a participation trophy for hunters and anglers.

We believe that more businesses and more people need to get involved in conservation to ensure the future existence of fish and wildlife. Our goal is to preserve our hunting and angling heritage and to promote the proper science based conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitat.

Current Business Members

How does it work?

Business Membership: 2% for Conservation puts businesses through an audit process to certify that they give back at least 1% of their gross annual sales and at least 1% (21 hours) of volunteer time to conservation causes. Upon approval, business members become part of an exclusive network of philosophically aligned companies committed to ensuring the future of fish, wildlife, hunting and angling. Learn More

Individual Certification: Individuals can become certified “True Conservationists” by demonstrating their commitment to conservation by proving that they give back at least 1% of their annual income and volunteer at least 1% (21 hours) of their time to conservation causes. Learn More

Connect with a Local 2% Committee Member

Do you have questions about how to give back to conservation in your area?  Get in touch with one of our many 2% Regional Committee Members!  They are conservationists already leading by example and can help you not only find causes to support, but also with 2% Certification.

Connect with Your Local Committee Member

What Conservation Groups do we Support?

WE SUPPORT ALL PRO-HUNTING AND PRO-FISHING CONSERVATION GROUPS! We believe all hunters and anglers want fish and wildlife to thrive in healthy populations and that we all wish to have the opportunity to make memories in the outdoors with our children and grandchildren. We want you to work to achieve that goal by supporting the organizations you are personally passionate about and believe in. We don’t intend to tell you which specific organizations to support. We want you to make that decision on your own. Our goal is to encourage all businesses and individuals to step up to the plate and get involved with whatever conservation groups they choose... as long as they have programs and mission work focusing on at least one of the four themes below:

Recruitment and Retention
Organizations or programs that are designed to recruit and retain hunters and anglers with the goal of creating future conservationists.

Wildlife and Habitat Improvement
Organizations or programs focused on conserving, restoring and enhancing the natural habitats of fish and game species as well as promoting the sound management of wildlife.

Access and Opportunity
Organizations or programs focused on initiatives designed to provide hunting and fishing opportunities and access for all individuals interested in hunting and angling.

Education and Outreach
Organizations or programs designed to teach safe and ethical hunting and angling practices and increase the awareness of the role sportsmen and women play in conservation.

How we measure success

1. Success is when consumers support those businesses that give back to conservation.

2. Success is when hunters and anglers understand that they need to do more then just buy licenses and tags to ensure the future of hunting and fishing.

3. Success is the perpetual connection between businesses, consumers and conservation organizations all passionately aligned in their beliefs and values.