Individual Certification


Are you just a hunter or an angler? Or are you a True Conservationist?

Buying licenses, stamps and tags to legally hunt or fish in America is an essential and necessary means to supporting wildlife conservation. However, you must do more to conserve fish, wildlife and their habitat to ensure the future of hunting and fishing for future generations.

You must get involved. True conservationists go above and beyond. They dedicate their time and contribute their money to fish and wildlife.

Do you volunteer at least 1% of your time to Conservation?
(~2,080 work hours/year = ~21 hours of volunteer time)

Do you contribute at least 1% of your money to Conservation?
(i.e., $50,000 annual income *0.01 = $500)
(i.e, $90 of annual membership(s) to conservation groups + $200 of raffle tickets at banquets + $150 of product from 2% Member Companies + $60 of silent auction items at banquets = $500 contributed to conservation)


If you answered yes to both of these questions then you are a true conservationist. Let the world know. Fly the flag. Encourage others to step up to the plate and do more. Together we will make a major impact on fish and wildlife.


  • Receive a free 2% for Conservation sticker
  • Get 40% off any 2% for Conservation merchandise
  • Shame your friends into doing more


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Are you looking for a conservation cause near you?

We started our Regional Committee Program in early 2019 to help address the many weekly requests we get for ways to give back.  These folks lead by example and do incredible work for fish and wildlife conservation!  Check out their profiles and get their contact info on our 2% Committee Members page.