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Business Member Since:  2019

Located: Kingsley, PA

Industry:  Outfitter / Guide Service

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Bio: I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania and was introduced to hunting and the outdoors by my father at a very young age. From the time I was of age I was in the woods every chance I got, only to be more and more consumed by the outdoors with age. The passion was instilled in me early in life, but I believe that ethics and appreciation for wild things, wild places, and the conservation efforts that have preserved them are things that come with age and maturity as a hunter. Growing up out east in the state has been credited with the highest hunter density many years, my outlook on public land was very distorted. That was until I started hunting out west and saw the vastness of acreage and opportunity that public lands possessed. Now, even though don't find myself hunting public land out east very often, I have grown an appreciation for what they stand for. For much of my life, it never dawned on me that these things weren't just a right that we are entitled to that just happened to fall into place. They are a privilege that many people fought very hard for and as a result of that, I get to enjoy them today. So not only do I often find myself hunting public land, I have started a guide service that guides bowfishing and waterfowl on public waters and feel an overwhelming responsibility to step up to the plate and give back like generations before us have. I'm very proud to be associated with great conservationists such as 2% for Conservation.

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Conservation Groups Committed to Support:

  • Quality Deer Management Association
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Pheasants Forever 


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