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2% for Conservation (a 501c3 non-profit) was started out of necessity. Many things have changed since the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation was created over 80 years ago. Consumers are better educated about conservation issues and businesses understand the value of corporate responsibility. Hunters and anglers understand they can no longer take their favorite pastimes for granted and are increasingly dedicated to doing their part in ensuring the long-term viability of the natural environment they value so highly.

Through the mechanism provided by 2% for Conservation, connections are made and strengthened between businesses, conservation organizations, and consumers. The networks that result from this model will provide a continuous funding stream for conservation efforts and a valuable opportunity to educate the public about the important role that sportsmen and women play in conserving fish and wildlife.

Most importantly, the networks of businesses and individuals engaged in the 2% for Conservation model have a huge opportunity to spread the mission of conservation. It has never been more important for sportsmen and women to educate the public as to how hunters and anglers continue to fund, protect, and conserve fish and wildlife.

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